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Financial Planning Advice to help you to activate the life you want.

About Eqeus

At Eqeus we help people just like you to discover everyday freedom. Part mentor, part coach, we provide a financial framework that goes beyond the numbers to define the goals and values that truly represent the real you.

  • We explore what drives you, your aspirations.
  • Where you are and where you’d like to be.
  • What you want, not just what you need.
  • What you’d like to share and how you’d like to be remembered, because this is what matters most.

As your financial planners, we’re qualified and experienced in the technical componentry of financial advice, but what we’re really about is your big picture and how to activate the life you want to live today and tomorrow.

Why choose Eqeus?

Eqeus understands that you want to have a confidence in your financial future and a comprehensive strategy to get you there. We provide clarity on the big picture with informed advice so you have peace of mind and clear choices for the best possible path.

Our team offers experienced advice and help in managing changes in your life. We’ll empower you by communicating trends, opportunities and any issues that affect you.

You + Eqeus = Activating the life you want with smart money management

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  • "I feel we’re in better shape financially because of it and I wish we’d done this earlier"

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  • "The integration with the rest of my financial affairs is very important."

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  • "He’s helped us clarify our goals, keep track of our finances, manage our cash flow and is even helping us rebuild our house"

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  • "The personal relationship I have with John & Robbie is very important to me… They have very good interpersonal skills and I trust them 100%"

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