Ben & Stef

Now able to start making their money work for them.


As young professionals, Ben and Stef were looking to make significant changes in their life and know they had to learn to save and manage their money in a more effective manner.

“Eqeus provided an innovative approach which separated them from the competitors early on.”


Ben and Stef wanted to make some major life changes, but in order to do this they needed to learn how to save, make their money work for them, and set realistic short and long term financial goals.

After reviewing their situation and their goals the Eqeus team could break down complex subjects into simple concepts, build a structure that was achievable and provide approachable and helpful support throughout the changes they needed to make.


Eqeus provided Ben and Stef with the structure and the steps they needed to save, reach their short terms goals and be on their way to achieving their long term goals.

By breaking down the steps to take in simple language, Eqeus ensured that the initial daunting feelings quickly dissipated. Ben and Stef realised they could easily implement the required changes and how they handled their finance. Quite quickly they were on track to fulfil their plan for the short and long term, enabling them to meet all of their life goals.

Since joining Eqeus, Ben and Stef have been able to start making their money work for them. They now have a share portfolio and have been able to upgrade their home.


Ben and Stef were able to take advantage of Eqeus’ simple and yet innovative approaches. “Eqeus helped build a structure for us, which enabled us to reach some of our short term goals and to establish long term goals. By reviewing our finances they were able to identify the best solutions for us and gave us some handy tools to ensure we stayed on track.”

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