Bill & Kate

Bill and Kate want to make sure they leave a lasting legacy.


Bill and Kate are both in their early 50’s. They have two children – son aged 19 who is studying at university and a daughter aged 17, who is finishing her final year at school. Bill operated a very successful business that he sold a few years ago and since then he has dabbled in business coaching, sharing his knowledge with other business owners.

We were looking for a financial adviser who would get on with the job and deliver it efficiently and quickly.


Over the years Bill has developed an interest in property, so much so that he purchased a parcel of land which he is developing himself with the view of selling in the next couple of years.With this in mind it was time for Bill and Kate to get their financial house in order and, in the process, set a good example for their children.

The goal of every estate plan and Will, including those of Bill and Kate, is to create an efficient preservation and transfer of wealth and family values to loved ones or selected beneficiaries


The Eqeus process for Bill and Kate involved creating a personal succession plan, taking into consideration the entire financial life, integrating advice from the various professional who each contribute to their overarching financial position to create a tailored and appropriate outcome for them. But collaborating with other professional John Hollyman was able to accurately convey the full extent of Bill and Kate’s financial life to their solicitor and accountant facilitating a seamless integration of professionals.

Working with these other professionals John was able to establish financial strategies with the purpose of preserving wealth that has been accumulated during their lifetime, how that wealth will be distributed and to whom.


Bill and Kate felt that their financial goal was met in a timely manner and that John and their other professionals have successfully teamed up and worked together to deliver outcomes that were consistent with the delivery of their financial objectives. ‘Further, John has implemented a structure for regular ‘mini reviews’ which means we won’t be put on the back burner.”

This proactive approach means that Bill and Kate’s financial plan can remain current, and appropriate action can be taken if and when their situation changes.

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