Peter & Jane

Their financial affairs needed reconciling and simplifying.


With three children all aged in their late teens and early twenties, Peter and Jane realised that the time had come to reconcile and simplify their financial affairs.

Peter is a Dentist who is in partnership with three other dental specialists. Jane, who is also a Dentist, is an employee of a separate unrelated business.

Overall we are delighted that we have finally found someone who seems to understand what we want and need.


Over the years Peter and Jane have built up a substantial portfolio of assets, both within and outside of their superannuation structure. They have also consulted a number of financial advisers and moved accountants a number of times.

After careful consideration the Eqeus team quickly identified that a number of items that were included in Peter and Jane’s financial plan were now redundant.


Eqeus simplified their financial affairs by eliminating redundant structure – which included a number of insurance policies they simple didn’t need. We reduced the number of investments they had accumulated over the years with the view to achieving a portfolio based on quality rather than quantity.

We collaborated with other professionals to ensure the best financial plan. In order to tailor a holistic financial outcome for Peter and Jane, we worked very closely with their accountant to determine taxation impacts, correct reporting and compliance. We also consulted with investment and risk specialists so that Peter and Jane were on the best track.

The Eqeus team were also able to address their wishes for their family’s future which included sourcing appropriate insurance policies for each of their children. This thorough strategy plans for the children to be financially protected in the event of illness and/or accident, while the premiums may eventually be taken over by them individually when they are older.


Peter and Jane’s main concern was to simplify their financial structure and receive real and honest management of their portfolio. “We wanted to establish a timeline to meet our financial goals and not someone else’s interpretation of our needs. We wanted to know whether we had enough money to retire and how we were going to generate income in our retirement. We likes the idea of a annual, upfront flat fee rather than the unpredictable, ongoing costs that we had encountered before.”

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