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Enjoying your retirement might start

with managing your own Super fund.


We’re all working towards a financially stable and comfortable retirement and one way to achieve this might just be a self managed superannuation fund. But, this option comes with its own responsibilities, obligations and risks. Getting the right advice before entering into a self managed super fund can make all the difference - now and into the future.

Eqeus can help you to secure the lifestyle you want for today and plan for retirement.

Self Managed Super Funds represent a huge portion of the superannuation system in Australia. As the statistics below, sourced from the ATO, show they hold more assets than either the industry or retail sectors:

  • the total number of SMSFs is just over 577,000
  • total members of SMSFs is over one million
  • total value of estimated SMSF assets is $621.7 billion

But how do you know if it’s the right thing for you and your retirement?

This Managing your Own Superannuation Fund ebook is designed to give you the basics about self managed super funds so you can make a more informed choice about your future financial situation and that of generations to follow.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • Managing your own superannuation fund
  • What is a self managed super fund (SMSF)?
  • How does an SMSF work? What are the responsibilities of an SMSF trustee?
  • The growth of SMSFs Self managed super - DIY or DI Why?
  • Reasons to set up an SMSF
  • Planning, establishing and managing an SMSF
  • Adopting a collaborative approach to your SMSF
  • SMSFs with Eqeus
  • SMSFs and The Eqeus Way

Get started today by downloading our FREE Managing your own Superannuation fund eBook.



Get started today by downloading our FREE Managing your own Superannuation fund ebook. 

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