Financial Fitness & Goal Setting

By John Hollyman27 Aug 2016

The first thing anyone does when they start a training program, join a gym or start a diet is to set goals. Physical fitness they say is the new mid-life crisis; setting goals of completing marathons, triathlons or even just running through electroshock therapy at your next Tough Mudder event. But the commonality in all of this is that goals are being set.

The other commonality after the goals are set, are that plans (training plans, eating plans) are put in place and then these are tracked to see how we are progressing towards our goals and whether things need to be adjusted in the planning.

Our continued question is, when it comes to our physical health we all know what to do, right? So why is it that when it comes to our financial health and fitness only around 1 in 4 people set financial goals? Isn’t our financial future just as important as the future of our bodies?

Perhaps it all just seems a bit too hard, complex, overwhelming? But, here’s the thing…it doesn’t need to be. Just as you talk to health and fitness professionals when you want to get your body in shape, you just need to do the same to get your finances in shape. Rather than talking to your GP, personal trainer and/or nutritionist, you just need to make a time to speak to your financial planner.

Just like a personal trainer at the gym, your financial planner will be able to help you to set realistic, achievable goals, will create a plan with you and will even track your progress over the long term to ensure you are staying on the right path to financial health and achieving your goals for the future.

What we know is that financial health can have a positive impact on physical health and that approx. 80% of people know that once their finances in order, other goals are easier to

Why don’t you become that person who has financial goals leading to both financial and physical health? Contact the team at Eqeus to learn more about setting goals, getting a plan underway and tracking your financial progress.


John Hollyman

John’s clients say it is his attention to their story, his ability to lead their journey to discovering wealth and his fundamental desire to get things done that sets him apart from others in his field, while his peers quote trustworthiness, clear strategic thinking and thoroughness that goes above and beyond expectations.

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