Importance of a Strong Team

By John Hollyman10 Mar 2016

Importance of a Strong Team

When we started Eqeus, we came together as two separate firms, but the most important item that we did before coming together was to ensure that our values were aligned.  In building a strong team, if there isn’t alignment of values, then we know that this is a team that will not stay together over the long term.  20 months down the track of Eqeus being formed and this still remains for us the gel that binds and also that the choices we made then have only been enhanced over this time.

Our team is growing and will continue to grow and for us, we know the internal benefits of this teamwork include the following:

1.   Increased Efficiencies / Shared Responsibilities – not any one individual takes on the load and by having common goals, we help each other get to where we strive to be. The sharing of responsibilities allows for greater efficiencies as we learn from one another.

2.   Idea Generation – By having the respect of each other, ideas are shared on and worked on together as what may be started by one team member will often be improved on by another. It is this idea of being a team that allows this idea generation to thrive.

3.   Seeking Help – Healthy teams are not problem free, but by having common goals and knowing it is ok to say you need help, then you will be able to overcome the problems that arise in a more efficient way and with much clearer communication.

Although we are only a team of 6 at the moment we can proudly say that we have had no turnover within this team.  We can also look at our team and know that there are pathways and areas of growth for each and every person here.  The other item is although not all team members are stakeholders in the business at the moment, it is a company objective, that over time for the team members that remain a part of this business, there will be opportunities to become stakeholders within the business.

The importance for why we are so focused on building a strong team that stays together is that we also know that the people that we work with want to be able to have faith and trust in knowing that the people that they share their goals and dreams with are the same people who are going to work with them in the long term.  Our business does not purely have a short term view and the people that we work with also do not purely have a short term view.  We focus on having a strong team who stay together as it is what is right for our business and it is absolutely right for the people who put their trust to work with us and not have to continually start new relationships and go back to Step 1.

If you have a business who specialise in financial planning (or any relationship business), that has high staff turnover and company objectives that are not team focused with common goals and common reward structures, how can you truly deliver what your clients want, being a seamless experience working with a team of people who are not having to relearn what drives them over and over again. 

At Eqeus, we are proud of our team and that we will continue to have this as a focus as we continue on our journey and have the privilege of helping many others achieve their dreams with the same people working with them over the decades to come.


John Hollyman

John’s clients say it is his attention to their story, his ability to lead their journey to discovering wealth and his fundamental desire to get things done that sets him apart from others in his field, while his peers quote trustworthiness, clear strategic thinking and thoroughness that goes above and beyond expectations.

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