Getting Financially Fit in your Forties

By Gareth Colgan30 May 2018

Getting financially fit in your forties starts with smart money management.

Your forties are an exciting time in your life. While everyone takes a different journey, by 40 most of us have established a career and are entering the peak earning phase of our life. With increased income and opportunity comes increased responsibilities. At home, the kids are growing up and costing more to educate (and feed!) while at work, the pressure to perform strains the delicate work-life balance.

With all this busyness many people find it hard to find the time to look after the important, but not urgent things in life. Not having the time to eat well and exercise sees plenty of people creep up into the dreaded ‘dad-bod’. It doesn’t happen overnight, but a series of poor health choices means people lose the physical fitness to keep up.

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