What Our Clients Say

M. Baker

"The integration with the rest of my financial affairs is very important."

I know bugger all about investments – made my money in business.

Financial advice these days is much more sophisticated than just dealing with investments.  The approach John and his team takes is much more holistic and covers the whole financial gamut.  Financial decisions have implications all the way – accounting affairs though to tax etc.

John ensures that all our financial decisions are taken within our entire financial context and present me with a structure that is cohesive, coherent and holistic.

If I had to sum up what John does really well…  He simplifies sophisticated and complex issues and presents in a way I can understand them.

I have dealt with other financial planners in the past. John and his team are different because they do absolutely listen to what I have to say and my concerns.   

They follow up and give me the information I need.  The most important thing for me is if they don’t know something they find out.  That’s why I relate to them so well.

The integration with the rest of my financial affairs is very important.  If you have financial planners who are not involved in your other financial affairs, you could make decisions that are not as effective as they could be.

My personal relationship with John is crucial.   I only deal with people I trust.   Yes, I make people jump through hoops and I’m not the easiest guy to deal with.  If I feel I’m not getting the answers I need, I move on. John has always delivered.  He and his team are extremely hard working.

The biggest benefit for working with a financial planner like John is to maintain my wealth through good advice.

D & C Christian

"He’s helped us clarify our goals, keep track of our finances, manage our cash flow and is even helping us rebuild our house"

As an academic who earns money from various assignments around the world, keeping track has always been a challenge.

We’re not very good at handling money.  Never have been, never will be.  So while I’ve been successful in work, saving money has been very difficult for us.

It all compounded 3 years ago, when we came back from the US.  Things got really complicated financially and we lost track of where our finances were at.  Money came in from sources in the US, Korea and Australia, and on top of all this our house burned down.

To be perfectly honest, John Hollyman has been a godsend.

He’s helped us clarify our goals, keep track of our finances, manage our cash flow and is even helping us rebuild our house after it recently burnt down.  His help with the latter has enabled us to borrow the right amount, while putting in a repayment scheme that will enable us to be free and clear within a couple of years.

John communicates regularly and is proactive in managing our finances. He keeps track of everything and makes sure nothing gets forgotten. Yes, he’s sometimes tough on us, keeping us disciplined. However, he does it with charm and style. We really do both like and respect him and his ability.

And it’s not always about money. John’s helped me with sorting out employment payments, setting up a fund for our Grandchildren, making sure we got a decent interest rate on our insurance payout regarding our house etc.

John’s advice has always been excellent and objective. He’s always had our best interests at heart.

We absolutely feel we get value for the money we pay him and would recommend him without reservation.

D. Oliver

"The personal relationship I have with John is very important to me… They have very good interpersonal skills and I trust them 100%"

My expertise is flying commercial jets, not financial planning.

John has helped me broaden my portfolio in my Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) so it’s balanced and not too specific in one environment.

John gave sound financial advice, is well attuned to the opportunities in the market place for investments and above all, trustworthy.

While I could manage my own SMSF, I particularly like working with John as he has a very, very good knowledge and understanding of the range of products out there.

They seem to be well informed and know about good products as they get released, so I can make use of them as soon as they’re available. People like me (not being in finance) would normally find out too late – and think, “Oh, I should have invested in that…”

But good advice is not enough. The personal relationship I have with John is very important to me, because I need to be able to get along with him. I feel he is very easy going and professional at the same time while giving me considered advice. John has very good interpersonal skills and I trust him 100% or I wouldn’t give them access to my accounts.

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