The Start of School

By John Hollyman15 Jul 2015

Wow, well we survived the first half of kindergarten and life has become all that little bit scarier. The little person that was my baby is now growing up too quickly, but at the same time in a way that makes me so proud.

Reflecting on that first half of the school year, I didn’t think it would have the impact on me that it did and now realise that you get so few firsts in life and to cherish them. So far we have already had the first day of school, the first sports carnival, the loss of the first tooth, the first soccer game and first goal and so many more. It has gone in a flash and what’s next?

As a single parent these days, or any parent really, you seem to rush around so much and not actually take the time to enjoy these special moments. I enjoyed this first half of the school year but am now really thinking about how I balance being able to have the time to spend enjoying these moments while ensuring that I have everything in place to make sure what is needed in the future is ready; ‘small children small worries, bigger children, bigger worries’.

I’m asking myself the following types of questions, ‘Am I in control of my finances?’, ‘How will I fund a private education and when will I need to start paying for that?’, ‘How many big family holidays can I afford and should I really have them?’

While this is what we do every day at Eqeus, it’s time I start taking my own advice and get my financial house in order so that I can achieve my goals for the future.

So stage one for me is writing down my goals for I want to achieve and actually talk to my partners at work to help me with these. Having a sounding board and someone to help I know will help me. What I’m looking for is to know that I’m on the right track or how to steer myself towards this track and most importantly to make sure that I’m not sacrificing my life tomorrow for my life today and vice versa. There is a balance that I need to find as I want to enjoy the firsts, second, thirds and so many more. I deserve this myself and I damn well want to make it possible that my little/big boy gets this as well!


John Hollyman

John’s clients say it is his attention to their story, his ability to lead their journey to discovering wealth and his fundamental desire to get things done that sets him apart from others in his field, while his peers quote trustworthiness, clear strategic thinking and thoroughness that goes above and beyond expectations.

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