What we do

Activating the life you want - The Eqeus Way

The Eqeus Experience

Ours is a partnership and it’s personal. All of our client relationships are based on trust and delivering a financial path that reflects the real you and helps you to get ahead.

Eqeus aims to create everyday freedoms, activating the life you’ve always wanted, not just the life you have to have. While our financial knowledge may be measured in traditional financial planning terms of advanced qualifications, industry tenure and professional reputation, it is our close interest in your values and goals that underlines what we do best. This is the Eqeus Way.

What We Do

With our experience, understanding of current trends, opportunities and issues, and our professional knowledge, we can create a solid financial plan to help you make the best possible choices for today and the future.

We specialise in the areas of:

  • Investments
  • Superannuation
  • Strategies to achieve your goals and lifestyle
  • Eliminating debt

Eqeus will work with you to provide clarity, peace of mind and confidence in your financial future.

Learn more about who we are, the Eqeus Way and getting your Financial House in order by scheduling one-on-one consultation with one of our friendly team.

The 6 steps of Financial Planning

Step 1 Understanding you

An opportunity to discover what you really want to achieve for your financial future and in life. We will listen to you in order to understand your current situation and any specific issues concerning you.

Step 2 Meeting

Identifying any gaps between what you really want and where you are currently heading. We will help you to discover your true goals for your financial future.

Step 3 Closing the gap

Together we develop and propose options and practical solutions that can achieve an outcome that really reflects your needs and your goals. You then choose which option best suits you.

Step 4 Build a plan

With you we develop a solid financial plan specific to your chosen model and one that truly reflects your individual needs and situation.

Step 5 Action

We will lead and coordinate the implementation of your plan, together with all necessary financial and legal partners. We will set up the right structure and firm foundation to get your financial house in order.

Step 6 Review/Respond/Correct

We will continue to monitor your situation and chosen plan to ensure that any evolving changes and opportunities are handled in an accurate and timely manner - remember, we are with you for the long haul.We set benchmarks and tracking as well as providing regular snapshot reports to keep you on track for your financial journey.

We offer the full package.

We offer the full package.

  • Goal Setting & Coaching 

    Goal Setting & Coaching

    Aligning your financial position with the achievement of your goals begins simply. There are no complex discussions of markets and structures, simply a series of questions designed to identify your values and goals. With these established, the discussion flows from ‘why’ and ‘what’ you wish to achieve to ‘how’ it may be possible. This is your journey to discovering wealth, and as your guide we’ll provide clear leadership, suggesting new pathways, highlighting landmarks along the way and ultimately empowering you to arrive at your destination.

  • Cash Flow 

    Cash Flow

    Incomings exceeding your outgoings, it’s fundamental for financial success. However it’s the ebbs and flows of your cash and your lifestyle expenses that can be a challenge to control. Your Eqeus adviser provides the clarity you need, to spend and to save, for the rewards you’ve earned and the goals you aspire to achieve.

  • Debt Management 

    Debt Management

    Your Eqeus financial planner will discuss with you the role of debt, if any, within your financial plan. We discuss both the benefits of leveraging debt for achieving goals and the consequences of debt as appropriate to individual circumstances. Either way we are about achieving productive debt that paves the way to the everyday freedom you deserve.

  • Investments 


    For many of us the secret to everyday freedom will, in one way or another, involve earnings from investments. Shaped by Eqeus and our team of asset consultants, who strive to balance the risk and return required for you to achieve your goals, we’ll create a quality investment portfolio designed with the goal of achieving everyday freedom which is truly possible.

  • Risk Management & Insurance 

    Risk Management & Insurance

    While some may happily navigate the market’s tightrope, for others there’s comfort in a more measured approach. Your investment and risk comfort zone is important, and will be respected. How much are you prepared to sacrifice in a market correction and what about your own personal circumstances? Fate doesn’t always fight fair. At Eqeus the spread of risk and return is central to your investment strategy, while your personal protection plan underpins your financial wellbeing.

  • Retirement and SMSF 

    Retirement and SMSF

    Working for pleasure, rather than profit, need not merely be a mantra. Appropriate retirement planning provides the freedom to entertain your passions free from financial constraints, whether you chose to retire at 35 or 75. If a Self-Managed Super Fund is your preferred retirement savings vehicle, your Eqeus SMSF Specialist Advisor™ (SSA™) can step you through the process of establishing, maintaining, investing and drawing upon this structure.

  • Aged Care 

    Aged Care

    Aged care, whether it’s for yourself or those who are close to you, can have significant financial implications. For most it represents unchartered waters, often highly charged with emotion. It is an area of specialisation, where financial clarity brings confidence for your aged care choices. With planning that includes articulating your values and goals, you can smoothly transition to the level of aged care that best suits you, or those you love.

  • Estate Planning 

    Estate Planning

    It’s a fact of life, and while we don’t wish to dwell on it, what will happen when you’re gone? It’s the discussion no one wants to have, but in so many ways it’s the most important. How will you distribute your wealth? What if your demise is unexpected, how will those you love endure? Alternatively, at the end of a grand life, what is the legacy you wish to leave? At Eqeus, financial planning for your estate defines the life you’ll lead and thereafter affords you the opportunity to make a difference.