Eqeus Community

Highlighting members of the Eqeus Community we work with and recommend.

The Creative Co.

The Creative Co. are branding specialists who bring together market insight, creativity and outstanding design to create authentic brands. Their highly experienced team understand the branding journey to define a brand’s story, voice, personality, look and feel. 

Arctic Blue

Arctic Blue are an all-inclusive marketing merchandise agency providing a range of practical, personalised and refreshingly creative promotional products. From inception, through to design, execution and delivery - they handle it all. Their team can also flesh out a creative idea, dig around in the logic behind the concept and devise an effective solution that inspires action, contemplation and emotion. 

Fortnum Financial Advisers

At Fortnum Financial Advisers their genuine belief is that clients must come first. This premise resonates not just with consumers but their like-minded financial advisers who are seeking to deliver a quality, proactive and client-focused financial services model for their clients.

Fortnum Foundation

The Fortum Foundation’s goal is to undertake fundraising to provide care for children both here in Australia and overseas.  Funding efforts to date have resulted in building works for clinics and hospitals, the provision of medical supplies and equipment, along with teaching aids and learning materials and of course, shelter and safety for children in difficult situations.

Red 21

RED21 offer IT support and management delivered by highly skilled, certified and ethical professionals. No markup, no bias, no inexperience. The RED21 team are proficient in Microsoft, VMware, Commvault, DELL, Symantec, SonicWALL and most reputable brands. Just some of the Cloud technologies they are experienced with include Microsoft Azure and Office365, Amazon EC2, Salesforce, Google Apps, XERO, Dropbox and BOX.net.

Locate Negotiate Property Advisors

Locate Negotiate is a licensed property advisory business that specialises in:

  • Property Acquisition
  • Sellers Advocacy
  • Auction Bidding
  • Consultancy Services

Locate Negotiate works independently to assist clients to take a strategic approach to property. The Locate Negotiate team are highly skilled and have decades of experience working in the real estate industry. They are passionate and dedicated about achieving the right results for clients.

Bold Corporate Communications

Bold! Corporate Communication is all about do-able marketing. They help established businesses, particularly professional service providers, to use marketing to stand out in a crowded market place in order to attract the type of ideal clients who bring the more lucrative and professionally satisfying work that ultimately, grows businesses.